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Olaplex Restructures the Hair Bonds For Better. Know Everything

There is a lot that takes to maintain healthy hair tresses. In this blog post, we will chiefly talk about the different hair bonds of the hair that are directly proportional to maintaining a healthy scalp which further affects the quality of your hair strands. In the same vein, we will also discuss on how to solve the problem of broken hair bonds with the use of the Olaplex at home range that includes Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 . These together are the hottest hair care cult, predominantly in the regions of the United States of America so much so that even the hollywood has special reservations towards the Olaplex products.

Apprehending the hair bonds

Our hair health depends on the three hair bonds that together maintain the chains of keratin for our tresses to survice. These are:

  • Hydrogen Bonds (Weak Bonds)

  • Salt Bonds (Weak Bonds)

  • Disulphide Bonds (Strong Bonds)​

The texture and health of your hair strands depend a lot on how the disulphide bonds. These even though are stronger hair bonds tend to break away if exposed to artificial chemicals, heatings or prolonged rays of sunlight. This then results to a loss of keratin which leads to hair damage.

Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 : The Ultimate Solution

Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 can be used separately but if you want to treat damaged hair, applying them together completes the intensive hair bond treatment. Designed specifically for hair strands that have lost the hope to its happier days and for those who cannot live without hair coloring and stylings. Olaplex No 0 which is also known as the primer and Olaplex No 3 that is famously referred to as the perfector, both work best as a duo for complete hair healing although they can be deployed separately as well. Once a fortnight is the recommended use. Those that are damaged completely can use it once a week.

Olaplex No.8 is the intense moisturizing mask and since promoting hydrated scalp is an integral part of hair maintenance, it works wonder. But you have to be careful that the quantity of the hydration given through the moisturizing hair mask must be in the right proportion or else, your hair will only end up greasy, heavy, or can remain dry. Olaplex 8 is the moisturizing mask for hair that comes with a pump feature. This way it is easier to apply the apt quantity to your hair and nothing gets wasted. The benefit that makes this hair mask distinguished is the presence of the Olaplex patented molecule. Once a week's application is enough to give nourishment, shine, and moisture to your hair follicles. Use it once a week or fortnight to keep your tresses shiny and soft. This product claims to make hair 2 times shinier, 4 times moisturized, and 6 times smoother hair follicles. As per the testimonials and research evidence, 94% of users saw more body to their hair.

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The magical ingredient of Olaplex At Home products

The patent molecule in all three Olaplex products is 'bis-amino propyl diglycol dimaleate' which is 100% healthy for your hair bonds to revive. The amino molecules club with the weak keratin chains and form layers to crosslink and relink the broken disulphide bonds of hair.

The Takeaway,

If Olaplex products are used wisely and with planning, they can do wonders in treating your broken disulphide bonds. These are for all hair types and have no harmful ingredients that would lead to harshness or dryness to your hair. Try them and share the review with us. Also, if you have any other query, address in the comment section below.

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